Monday, 4 May 2015

BOING - first rebound.




Hang on a second, this can't be right.


Oh for fuck's sake!

I've just experienced my first rebound

I didn't just date someone completely inappropriate for me or end up in bed with someone having sex that'll I'll regret for the rest of my life.

This is worse! Worse because I was aware of avoiding the other two until my brain and emotions are in the right place to make a sensible decision (or at least make a bad decision but not for the wrong reasons).


I've rebounded from one business venture to another.

What could be wrong with someone who seems as equally driven as I am to run high quality events at a budget that won't crucify either of us. Well, that's fine... if you know the person very well. BUT if you don't really know the person well, start making plans, booking events and performers and then find something about them that you feel is liable to effect the business relationship in a way that could be disruptive or negative to that partnership (even if it would be nothing to worry about to another person/business partner) then you're in REBOUND CITY!

It's true. I hate not having Enchanted Burlesque to be my next goal, to be the fulfilling target in my life. I have a need to do something with my life that's fulfilling, but I've ignored my own rules because my current situation is a lovely clean room with fours walls, a freeview television, 1 book, a smart phone and a 3DS with 3 video games... all my distractions (like a real internet ready laptop, Blu rays, satelitte TV and over 100 books) aren't in my possesion and may well not be for several months at least (if ever) unless I go out and spend money I don't need to spend if I want my own flat.

I'm an idiot. I've said that to myself a lot recently. I'm really saying that to myself right now.

I hate nothing. I loathe the fact that my life is go to work, go home, eat, sleep. That's not living. My job doesn't fulfill me, it pays my bills. Eating and sleeping are a neccessity whilst my home is a house share with virtual starngers who are not like me.

With the excitement of my world it was inevitable that I'd gravitate towards an equally driven person, but would I have the brains to heed my own advice or would I plunge in head first without anything remotely like due diligence.

It's time to stop.

It's time to be okay with nothing.

This is my reward for failing as a husband and for failing to be deceitful. I could have been dysfunctionally evil, secretly planning my exit and then taking everything I needed instead of putting everything on the line and loosing because nothing changes.

This is my reward for ignoring my own advice, throwing myself into an exciting project and then slamming the breaks on beacsue I didn't ask the right questions. I could have been dysfunctionally evil and used not really working situation to get myself ahead selfishly but that's also not me.

I've already said I don't throw myself into relationships or use 1 night stands to get over bad break ups. If I was dysfunctionally evil I'd have used what reputation I do have left to get my physical or emotional needs met.

As someone helpfully pointed out (hah!) - you make your bed, you lie in it.

So the task for now is not to become dysfunctionally evil. My task is to come to terms with what I do have. I have a roof over my head. I have access to a bath, a shower, hot and cold running water. I have a bed that's comfortable.I have a fridge and a freezer. I have a cooker and a microwave. I have the internet. I have a job. I have a book. I have a 3DS with 3 games. I have a smart phone and access to the internet. I have a TV with Freeview and occasional access o a TV with Virgin (at least for no). I even have some freedom. Hell, I even have a kettle. I have the ability to exist.

I don't have someone who makes me feel like I once did. I don't have a burlesque show that gives me something to focus on. I don't have a business partner who matches my drive and is compatiable with me. These elements are my drives, my goals, my dreams and my reason to keep existing.

I just have me. This is my reality.

 For now.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What now? 2015 Edition

Enchanted Burlesque is, for me, no more.

Now what?

I need to take care of my other needs right now. Engage in some tricky negotiation with someone I no longer know. Sort out the end of my marriage (and I'm tempted to agree with whatever demands or claims are made just to end the marriage quickly rather than have a long drawn out psychological battle that won't benefit me one iota).

At the moment my access to distractions are very limited. This is potentially a good thing, if I can come up with a project I won't be distracted by video games, books or Blu Ray's.

But I have other problems, no computer being the major issue.

But once it's all sorted...

... then what?

I'm just a little scared by the future.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

April 25th 2015 - 2:35 am

The date stamp on the e-mail is April 25th 2015 - 2:35 am. This is the time that Angel LaVey tells me our marriage of nearly 10 years is over. Our relationship of nearly 14 years, through some of the toughest times of our lives, is finished.

I don't read the e-mail until the morning.

Our marriage is dead. I already know this. Divorce looms, I'm aware that this was more than likely the result. For nearly 2 weeks I've thought constantly about calling it a day and asking for a divorce, but the optimist in my heart that still loves the Angel LaVey that isn't here anymore has kept telling me to wait and see, start the reconciliation process and then make a decision.

The optimist in my heart is a silly romantic fool who lives in the past. He's shaped like a lobster.

The harsh reality is that nothing has been good between Angel LaVey and I since my step-daughter, Angel's daughter ran away from out of nowhere. The resulting stress forced Angel to a dark place mentally from which she has only just emerged, too late to stop the apathy and destruction that has ended our relationship.

For my own part I've not handled the situation well, and I'm painfully aware that a very dark part of me I thought I'd assigned to the past was coming back with a horrific vengeance as Angel's darkness fed my darkness fed Angel's darkness fed my darkness fed.....

I've been looking at flats for a long time.I'm aware that I'm not in love with Angel like I used to be, and the reality is that Angel probably isn't in love with me like she used to be either. In 2015 I can think of 2 days in which we really had a good time together. Every other day was Angel probably feeling scared of me and me feeling as if I'm nothing more than a bank account with legs and a trivial annoyance to Angel.

There are lies, what caused the lies? Fear? Disrespect? Unrealised hatred? Revenge?

There's a complete lack of trust? Paranoia on my part, which just adds to the problems neither of us seem capable of talking about.

Enchanted Burlesque is suffering. The only child Angel and I could ever have and yet it's parents are too busy with themselves and their problems to notice it crying for the attention it desperately needs to survive. Looking back I'm so relieved that we could never have children, although that brings up sadness within me for the child we had but could never keep, something I understand now.

When I first separated from Angel it was to protect us both. I was aware of a growing anger within myself that was starting to get out of control. After separating I felt calmer, this was a turning point...

... and then I was made homeless because anger creates fear. The moment I had become calmer was also the tipping point for Angel's fear. I don't blame her for that, not now.

Being homeless gave me perspective. It forced me to realise that I was indeed seen at the time as nothing more than a commodity. In the weeks previous Angel and I had clashed over her daughter and daughters boyfriend coming to live with us. Angel's argument was that she couldn't let the boyfriend be homeless and live in a subway... fast forwards 2 months almost to the day and I discover that Angel's concern for an almost complete stranger is far greater than her concern for her husband. To counter balance she could probably say something similar to me from elsewhere.

Pot kettle.

After an exploration of the homeless situation in which I discover I tick none of the useful boxes I end up taking a plague pit I've never seen as a home. This raises my stress levels to an all time high. I didn't have time to view the property, and to be honest I had run out of real options anyway when I blindly took it. I don't want to rely on friends I only know a bit, people like Tony, Andrea, Glitzy and others - it's not their problem I'm where I am.

The plague pit has a fridge freezer, a gas cooker and a washing machine that all don't work. There's blood and mold on the walls and in the cupboards. There are flies everywhere. If you don't smell smoke then you smell damp. My bed is so uncomfortable I sleep on a sofa that's too small for me. The bathroom has running water but the shower/bath doesn't work. At least the toilet works.

After 5 days I crack in the plague pit after my house mate does cocaine in front of me and tells me this is the only way he can live here, he has to be high or stoned at night to sleep and spends his days at his parents 1 bed flat to escape this world. He ended up where he is because he was taking drugs, he's got worse since then.

At one point I almost begged Angel to let me come home. It would have been for the wrong reasons, I would have done it to get out of the plague pit. I'm aware of that.

At the time of writing this blog I'm living in one of the lowest rated chain hotels in the country. It's luxury compared to the plague house.

During this time communication between Angel and I has deteriorated. In the event of a separation good communication is key, we have hardly spoke.From early on the writing was on the wall. Angel returned to work after months off sick. The harsh reality is that being with me was probably making her worse as my being with her made me worse. In a sense I'm delighted for her, getting back on track, and yet the side of me that felt I was only around because I was useful is resentful. What if Angel had got that job 3 months ago? It would have probably been too late.

So here I am at an Internet cafe. This morning I had breakfast before getting my wedding ring cut off, I'd worn it so long I could no longer take it off. Recently I contemplated having my wedding ring cut off and it upset me, made me cry. Today I felt a sense of.... nothing... a formality.

I then sold my wedding ring in the Jewellery Quarter. The only thought I had was 'Angel has 3 rings, 2 with diamonds in, she could make a fortune'.

It's time to accept that everything is for the better right now. Angel seems mentally healthier than she's ever been, that has to be a positive for her. For me, I've stopped feeling angry and used, like I'm just there to supply money and shut my mouth (which I could never do as I got more and more frustrated). The darkness within me has retreated because the pressures of misery aren't there any more. I'm thankful, I don't ever want to go back to the darkest part of my life ever again, it's the shame I will carry with me to my grave.

So what now?

Well, we have to be adults and sort out our belongings and the divorce. If we can be adults about it, work it out between us and separate everything fairly (truth be told I only want some of the boys toys and a computer) then maybe we can be away from each other quicker and not feel at war with each other again. Sorting out money might be a problem BUT it's all in the paperwork for me.

And then we can finally mourn what we've lost properly...

... or not.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The show that nearly broke me but instead made me.

Enchanted Burlesque - L'amour was the show that very nearly broke Angel and I. The first major hurdle was right at the beginning before Enchanted Burlesque - Panache in September 2014. The Old Rep Theatre was changing hands from Birmingham City Council to Birmingham Ormiston Academy. The process that I imagined would be a smooth transition was not so, and the show date of February 2015 was not finally approved until after Enchanted Burlesque - Panache was a fond memory.

There is a problem when you're not able to book burlesque and variety performers for a Valentines Day 2015 show until October 2014. Valentines Day is one of the most popular days on the calender for shows and that means performers are being booked months and months in advance. Our initial line-up mostly collapsed around late September when we couldn't guarantee the date so other show bookings had to be taken. More problems manifested when a performer with a large prop was forced to withdraw with unwanted transport issues.

For a while we had a strong line-up but no headliners. We set ourselves a deadline, if we couldn't secure under contract one to two very strong headliners by that date we would have to cancel the event. At Enchanted Burlesque we have a rule, if we wouldn't be happy to pay the door entry fee to watch the show our audience shouldn't. We had an excellent offer of a performer who we agonised over for a couple of days if she was the right person at that point but we couldn't agree and so had to move on. Then from out of nowhere a performer Angel LaVey had dreamt of booking but never thought she could sent us an e-mail, Fräulein Frauke of the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival in Sweeden. Shortly after that we struck burlesque gold again when the skyrocketing Midlands based performer Eliza DeLite became available (a lady firmly on our bucket list of performers to book).

At this point we were well behind on our final artwork/advertising schedule. The final artwork for Enchanted Burlesque - L'amour was a done in a recording breaking time but due to printing deadlines for Christmas it did not get a chance to re-examined and adjusted. It's a minor issue but the fonts and placing of information was not tweaked to perfection, nor did Angel get the time to play with concepts and offer alternatives for the final artwork. Needs must, the files were sent to the printer.

And then the Christmas delivery courier Hell kicked in... and delivery dates passed by repeatedly for the A3 posters. We had the A5 flyers and the A1 posters but no A3 posters. On the weekend before Christmas I was finally able to start distributing our promotional materials... and then the mother of all flus knocked me for six until the New Year.

The final distribution of postera and flyers did not end until late January, and ticket sales had been sluggish. Worse still due to the change over in managers at the end of 2014 in the Old Rep Theatre our flyers and A1 posters had been misplaced rather than put on display. We missed all but the very end of the Horrible Histories run (a ridiculously popular theatre show that attracts the kind of parents who love burlesque). This left us a short run of Peter Pan and a one day event Only Fools and Boycie to generate some publicity for us in the venue

And yet despite the issues faced our audience came through for us in the lead up to show day. The last time I checked ticket sales only 29 seats remained shortly before the doors opened, over 90% of the venue gone. In January we were hardly pushing 130 seats sold.

Train travel became the next problem. Due to engineering works on the West Coast line we switched our London performers to the Chiltern, cue the Chiltern line landslide and the cancellation of the West Coast line engineering works just after we purchased those train tickets. Just add another 60 minutes to the travel time of the performers. Then on show day our train service went to Hell causing us to be late, throwing out all our plans.

Then Doris La Trine ended up having to travel to Birmingham via A roads due to a motor way pile up, she would arrive at the Old Rep Theatre at least 25 minutes into her tech time, her Sat-Nav was being optimistic.

The technical rehearsal times went to Hell. Hell was starting to look a bit crowded. We had a sheet of technical rehearsal times that was utter nonsense.

But things started to work in our favour. Due to the work by Angel getting technical information in advance along with the performers backing tracks we somehow finished our technical rehearsal 60 minutes early. The Old Rep theatre technical crew blew us out of the water with their proficiency.

Everything was going according to plan. The show started, everything was running smoothly... and then disaster struck. The Old Rep Theatre technical manager was forced to leave the prompt desk to deal with the technical issue that if unattended would force the cancellation of the show, leaving myself at the prompt desk working alongside the tech team. Angel was dragged from her dressing room to assist with an act because we were already down one stage hand before show day and now down two. I couldn't leave the prompt desk as I was now communicating with all the theatre techs answering their questions when required, as luck would have it they where incredibly skilled and organised, my input was down to a minimum but I was stuck in my position relying heavily on the remaining stage hand to carry the entire back stage setting and clear up. Hell was now starting to look like a game of sardines.

By the end of the break the technical manager had resolved the problem, Hell had opened a window and problems started crawling out. The show could continue with a slight delay as Angel raced to get ready for her sole number of the night.

The rest of the evening passed without incident bar a very messy finale that required a mop to clean up post show. The open window in Hell was closed to a crack just to be mean to any stragglers.

Enchanted Burlesque - L'amour almost crashed to the ground and burst into flames several times, even on show day the thumb screws came out to make life difficult. But despite adversity a top notch technical crew, a great front of house team with their new manager, a group of professional performers, a stage hand that worked like a man possessed and two promoters who would never say die even when others would have waved a white flag made the show happen.

If you were in the audience you'd never have guessed how much we busted our butts to make sure the magic happened stopped for you.

Despite all the problems that dogged Enchanted Burlesque - L'amour from before day one this was the show that made me completely regain my enthusiasm for what we do. Tough times since just before the Enchanted Burlesque 5th anniversary show in 2013 ad derailed me, problems and a slump in attendance as the worsening economic climate in Birmingham bit deep continued to rain on my parade. At Enchanted Burlesque - Tryst in 2014 I started to get my enthusiasm back, that grew during Enchanted Burlesque - Panache but the driving ambition and powerful positive feelings I'd felt for years did not fully come back until I was sitting in a restaurant on Valentines Day with Angel LaVey enjoying a tasty lunch that wasn't so much romantic as a working lunch trouble shooting travel problems and supporting a friend who'd had two pieces of bad news. I looked up at Angel at the end of the meal and commented that this moment was perfect,and then every problem that hit me and threatened to drag me to Hell did not phase me.

Enchanted Burlesque - L'amour tried to break me.

Instead Enchanted Burlesque - L'amour made me.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Golden Burlyturd 2014 Award

It's time for the Golden Burlyturd 2014 award and what a year it was. The list of candidates for 2014 was quite impressive, for all the wrong reasons.

From a famous Soho venues closure (two groups fighting it out for the award, criminal behaviour and political behaviour) to a more local (to me) failing burlesque club of shame to a promoter exploiting performers via the release of dubious merchandise. There's even been the continued assault on performers privacy and purses/wallets by the desperate for cash Fa(r)cebook.

However as 2014 progressed I became more and more aware of an entity that swept the board for the Golden Burlyturd award, especially considering how much exposure the winner got from people who in their line of business (or hobby) might have been a little bit more switched on, and yet didn't seem to be.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Golden Burlyturd 2014 Award winner.

In 2014 I could not believe how many 'get this banned' or similar campaigns where started against forms of entertainment. If a song, comedian or act was offencive to some people it was deemed to be unfit for anyone to hear or see. A pair of naked breasts in a newspaper with far more dubious qualities was the major problem. A comedian I'd never even heard of was all of a sudden just as awful as a man trying to come to the UK to teach men how to aggressively break down womens willpower so they'd sleep with them. A rubbish pop song I'd heard countless times and never cared about was all of a sudden a major part of rape culture. If you enjoy pornography (and based on the other people/songs/images listed previously it maybe suicide to admit you do) then a whole lot of sexual acts you're legally entitled to perform at home with a consenting partner are now illegal to watch on the Internet or on a DVD!

I'd like to go on. I had a huge ranty essay to write, but then the 7th January 2015 became a day burned into the minds of millions of people. Twelve people (maybe more by the time you read this) who were murdered because they were involved in entertainment that was offencive to some.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of all the people at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the police officers trying to protect them who died after a terrorist attack on the 7th January 2015.

Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Year in Review

For me 2014 has been an odd year, odd in a good way. The recovery from a disappointing 2013 has commenced but I've experienced a loss of energy in certain areas of my life, this blog being a victim of that energy loss.

To try and recover some of the energy loss I've decided to slightly re-work the usual year in review that was started by retired burlesque performer Emerald Ace. I want something that fits me better.

1. What has been you favourite night out this year (working and watching)?

Purely from a burlesque perspective the best night out for me in 2014 was the February 8th Joe Blacks House of Burlesque. An incredible cast featuring many of Angel and my favourites (Vicky Butterfly, Carrie Ann O'Dell, Bruise Violet, Terms of Unnervement, Abigail Collins and Mister Joe Black) mixed with acts we'd not seen before but thoroughly enjoyed.

From a working perspective I adored Enchanted Burlesque Spellbound at Steeple Aston. I'm in love with the Steeple Aston audience and the event ran very smoothly. Despite a knee injury that has dogged me for most of 2014 and had kicked off in the week leading up to this show I felt that everything ran smoothly.

2. The worst show you were involved in and the worst show you watched this year.

In a year of great shows work wise the worst for me was one I was contracted to work simply because it wasn't my show... that's the only reason why it's the worst (it was actually a good show so perhaps the term should have been least best).

The worst show I watched was also very very good from an on-stage perspective, however one of the promoters took it upon themselves to cause problems during the show. Once I became aware of what was going on I decided to leave before the show ended.

3. What was/is your first and last gig of 2014 (watching or promoting)?

First show watching: Joe Blacks House of Burlesque

Last show watching: Tooty Frooties Night of Burlesque (which raised nearly £500 for Acorns - well done ladies).

4. Who were your favourite performers/acts to watch this year?

From the professionals: Abigail Collins, Velma Von Bon Bon (I sneaked out the front to watch her new Martini Glass act), Mister Meredith (finally got to watch him perform live), Angel LaVey (who doesn't love Careless Jizzer), Vicky Butterfly, Carrie Ann O'Dell and Bruise Violet.

That's the problem with running shows, I get to book some great acts but then I just don't get to see them perform on show night (without sneaking out the front to watch).

From the up and coming performers who're banging away at that glass ceiling with sledge hammers: Jacques Bruxelles, Allouetta la Zouch, Cece Sinclair and Lux DeLioux.

5. What was the worst thing about being a burlesque promoter this year?

The take over of the Old Rep Theatre by BOA was stressful, by the time we had the final go ahead for our first 2015 show on Valentine's Day a lot of performers we initially contacted had been give solid bookings elsewhere whilst one performer didn't take kindly to our need to contract quickly and walked away because it was her belief there was no rush with the show being 3 months away!

6. Who have you met and enjoyed working with this year through burlesque?

Abigail Collins and EastEnd Cabaret. All awesome ladies (and half man). And always Mister Meredith.

7. What have you achieved/been proud of this year?

More private parties. For Angel more workshops.

8. What were your Burly related goals this year, did you achieve them?
The concept for 2014 didn't happen, it was a victim of my drop in energy and insufficient time. On the plus side the special feeling for Enchanted Burlesque theatre shows is well and truly back, as is the audience love which felt like it overtook Facebook following Panache.

Steeple Aston was of course a resounding success in every sense.
8. Burlesque in the media in 2014... any thoughts?

Shockingly positive if you consider the closure of Madam Jojos, many newspapers attacked Westminster City Council for destroying Soho and changing it into yet another bland part of Central London.

9. What else did you do this year that could be related to burlesque?

I finally got to watch Penn & Teller and the last ever show by Monty Python. Being at the O2 for the very last show by Monty Python was a once in a life time experience. I feel quite sad that my father died in 2013 because I wanted to thank him for getting me into Monty Python when I was younger. I also finally got to watch Avenue Q.

For me Monty Python, Penn & Teller and Avenue Q contain elements that are perfect for a burlesque show.

10. Comment on burlesque politics 2014.

Ugh! One event promoter needs to be wiped off the face of the earth before the brand they've created with their fellow promoters becomes a niche event that raises even less money than they need. Control freakery is not a good thing when performers are appearing out of the goodness in their hearts.

12. Lessons of 2014

Angel LaVey is great at selling and sealing the deal. I need to shut up more and let her strike whilst the iron is hot.

13. What are your Burly related goals for 2014?

TOP SECRET (for now).

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Enchanted Burlesque Hall of Fame 2014

Yes, it's well past that time of year again when I should have already done this...

... but I haven't.

Never mind. All good things come to those who wait (although bad things can also come to those who wait too long).

Here are the rules again from last year (slightly edited).

1) Only open to those involved in any Enchanted Burlesque event, public or private.

2) The Silk Stocking Striptease Show also counts for the Enchanted Burlesque Hall of Fame as it was the predecessor of Enchanted Burlesque.

3) All inductions are selected by myself only, the reason why this is purely musings by myself and not an actual or official Enchanted Burlesque hall of Fame.

4) Induction must come with a valid reason for me.

5) Induction is not just open to performers.

6) I am a valid inductees.

7) Not everyone can get in on the first or second imaginary induction. There will be people who've not made it but do deserve to be mentioned. Anyone not inducted shouldn't take it personally, readers shouldn't see this as a list of the only worthy subjects.


Kitty Bang Bang first performed for Enchanted Burlesque at the very last small venue show Angel LaVey and I ran before moving to the Old Rep Theatre. In between working for Enchanted Burlesque in 2009 and returning to co-headline in 2012 at Enchanted Burlesque Believe she had already hopped across the pond to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2011 in Las Vegas, without a doubt the most prestigious burlesque event in the world. She has also been named the Best Burlesque Act at the London Cabaret Awarrds 2014.
The very first Silk Stocking Striptease Show in 2008 had a cast but it needed a firm identity and that can only come from the compere. The very first compere to grace the stage of Enchanted Burlesque before it was Enchanted Burlesque was the exceptionally well dressed Dr Agamemnon When. Sadly due to a burgeoning diary and a plethora of future commitments Dr When became Dr When Will He Be Back? Sadly the answer was never. Dr When did provide the poster artwork for the second ever Silk Stocking Striptease Show which can be seen at (although in a slightly edited form by Angel LaVey to update the final cast). After the 1st ever Silk Stocking Striptease show Dr When was seen hosting several other burlesque events as well as hosting a series of enjoyable birthday parties which Angel and I have attended.
*Source of photograph:
As with last year I have included not just performers or people, I've included a building. The Old Rep Theatre is where the Enchanted Burlesque of today launched itself from being a fun pub show into a full blown theatre show. Without the support of the Old Rep Theatre manager and the rest of the theatre staff Enchanted Burlesque might still be a small pub show, or it may have ceased to exist completely. The Old Rep Theatre was built in 1913 and is today considered historically important as first purpose-built repertory theatre in Britain. In recent years the theatre has been faced with the threat of closure but now has a bright future ahead of it thanks to BOA taking over the lease. Exciting times are indeed ahead for this Grade II listed building and home of Enchanted Burlesque.

A local performer who cut her teeth working for Black Country Burlesque before spreading her wings and going further afield. She first worked with Enchanted Burlesque behind the curtain as an exceptional stage hand, and when she's not booked elsewhere she is always happy to make sure the magic happens behind the curtain at our shows. But Twinkel is more than just an exceptional stage hand, she's also an exceptional talent, one of Birmingham's stand out performers. Twice she's performed on our Old Rep Stage (once with a raging fever... the show must go on) and has even taken a supporting role dancing on stage in a Stitch onsie for Angel LaVey. She also gave it her all to entertain the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment alongside burlesque and variety powerhouses Romany Diva of Magic, Red Sarah and Mister Meredith. An Enchanted Burlesque world without Twinkel Pink would be a poorer world indeed.

Following in the expert steps of James Thorpe is ML Imagery. A dab hand with a camera who is so fast that we have a photograph of a Sally Rand Tribute act by Vendetta Vain that we dare never to put up, the joke that day being only a male photographer could get that image considering how fast the maneuver was. But joking aside ML Imagery has continued to be our photographer of choice since Enchanted Burlesque Dangerous. Another photographer you can put your trust in.
We are very lucky to have Billibee Creative ( recording every Enchanted Burlesque show going forwards. Considering Billibee Creative videographer David only has the option of using 1 camera to record each show he pulls off an amazing job (more cameras would mean taking out entire rows in the theatre), and then he puts the proverbial cherry on the cake with his opening sequences. Some of the videos get uploaded for Enchanted Burlesque fans to take a trip back down memory lane or to entice new fans who've only just heard of us, but some will forever remain for our eyes only. Angel and I make a huge effort to book and run each show so it's always a pleasure to finally see the shows we ran as part of a great video.
And that ends the inductions into my 2014 Hall of Fame.